Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day With Fantastic Floor!

Earth Day is almost here – April 22, to be precise – and we here at Fantastic Floor invite you to take a look at the many ways we are committed to the environment. The following is a summary of our environmental practices, examples of articles from our blogs that touch on eco-friendly topics, and links to important industry resources regarding the environment. Enjoy!

Fantastic Floor Standard Environmental Practices
We pride ourselves in selecting only legally harvested wood products. We require our suppliers to be Forest Stewardship Council certified or to be certified under the source country's laws.
We offer more certified flooring than any other retailer on the web. Both our Paraguay Collection and our Engineered Collections are certified.
Our Brazil Collection is certified by government rules through the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and National Parks (IBAMA). The Brazilian government has made enormous strides in the fight against illegal logging. And now with recent passage of The Lacey Act by the US government, all imported products must have proof that they came from legal sources.

The following are articles from our sister blog, EngineeredFlooring.org:

Green Certified Hardwoods
You love the look of cherry or oak flooring, but how can you be sure that the material you’ve chosen isn’t harming the environment? Luckily, there are certain certifications that wood flooring materials can receive to prove that they have been grown, harvested and distributed in eco-friendly ways.
The Forest Stewardship Council, along with third-party conservation organizations and local governments, help ensure the sustainability of many types of wood species. The following are the top five “green-certified” wood flooring materials. Go Earth!

How Buying Local Can Help Save the Economy and the Environment
There is a lot of talk about sustainable forestry and responsible timber harvesting techniques, but how can you determine just how green wood flooring material is? Buying locally-sources varieties such as oak flooring can help lessen the environmental impact your new floors will have on the world. How? Glad you asked. Here are the top three ways locally-sourced products help you go green.

Red Oak Flooring

Aiming for That NWFA Seal of Approval
Think all hardwood flooring distributors are the same? Think again! According to a recent press release, the National Wood Flooring Association has started offering what’s called the Accepted Product Seal Program. This completely voluntary program will help manufacturers and distributors earn recognition for meeting certain industry performance standards. It will also help consumers identify companies that meet these standards and, most likely, offer high quality hardwood products.

Have questions about the impact hardwood flooring has on the environment? Call Fantastic Floor at 888-448-9663 today!

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