Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FCICA Chairman Steps Down

Christopher Capobianco announced yesterday that he is stepping down as Chairman of the Flooring Contractors Association Board of Directors, a position he has held for the past six years.

Capobianco's elected successor, Gerry Swift of Potomac Floor Covering, says he is excited to fill the position that Capobianco has held "unselfishly and honorably" since 2005.

"During the worst economy in decades, [Capobianco] successfully kept our membership base unified and strong, while being FCICA's ambassador to the commercial floor covering industry," Swift said in a press release. "I realize that I have some big shoes to fill and challenges ahead as I prepare to take over as FCICA's chairman on July 1st."

Capobianco will continue to work on the FCICA Board of Directors as immediate Past Chairman.

The FCICA is headquartered in West Bloomingfield, MI, and provides expertise and networking opportunities to members of the commercial flooring industry. For more information about FCICA, call the main office at 877-863-2422.

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