Thursday, May 17, 2012

FAQ: Should I Expect Color Variations?

Like any other natural product, hardwood flooring is going to have degrees of color variation. Though they happen with any grade, the lower the grade, the more likely there will be dramatic color variations. Fantastic Floor stocks only the highest quality hardwood flooring materials, so color variations are fewer with our selection than some of our competitors. Still, there are a few varieties and styles of flooring that experience variations more than others. For example:

Certain Exotics
Specific types of exotic hardwood flooring, such as Acacia and Cumaru, are known for their striking color and striping variations. The color of these species can vary greatly from board to board, making it difficult to predict exactly what color board you'll end up with.

acacia hardwood flooring

Distressed hardwood flooring is designed to have dramatic variations in color, texture, and grain patterns. These variations give the wood the eye-catching, rustic look many modern designers and homeowners are looking for. However, it also means you can't be sure the boards will match a specific color scheme.

distressed hardwood flooring

Reclaimed hardwood is popular with eco-minded designers and homeowners. However, like distressed flooring, the rustic look reclaimed wood is known for is also hard to match with specific colors and design schemes.

reclaimed hardwood flooring

Curious about hardwood flooring color variations? Contact Fantastic Floor today to learn more!

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