Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hardwood and Allergens: Why Hardwood Flooring Creates a Healthier Indoor Environment

Did you know that one in five Americans suffers from allergies or allergy-related asthma symptoms? That's over 62 million people! If you're one of the many people who suffer from the itchy eyes, runny nose, or skin irritations commonly caused by allergies, and you aren't sure what's causing them, you might want to look in an unexpected place: under your feet!

Carpet Traps Allergens
That's right - the source of your allergy woes may be your carpet flooring. Wall-to-wall carpet can be a haven for pet dander, dirt, pollen, and dust mites, which are all known to be linked to the rising rates of allergies in this country. This is especially true of children. Many researchers believe that the best way to prevent allergies in adults is to limit their exposure to allergens as children. Unfortunately, with carpet flooring it is nearly impossible to prevent allergen exposure, as dust mites and their droppings (ew!) are extremely hard to remove, even with regular vacuuming.

So What's a Homeowner to Do?
For the answer to this question, let's turn to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America:
If you are putting in new floors, consider using hardwood, vinyl, linoleum tile, or slate instead of wall-to-wall carpeting. The carpet is an ideal home for dust mites. These tiny insects are one of the worst enemies of people with allergies. Too small to be seen with the naked eye, they live inside carpeting, cushions and bedding. There they excrete waste products that cause allergic symptoms. Bare floors with small, washable area rugs are much easier to keep free of dust mites than carpeting.
Need Some Cushion? Try a Rug!
Area rugs and floor runners are a great way to add the cushion and decorative flair of carpet while minimizing allergy symptoms. Not only can rugs be vacuumed, but they can also be washed, beaten, and even dry cleaned. And unlike carpets, rugs can be easily swapped out to better match a new wall paint color or room design scheme.

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