Friday, April 15, 2011

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance – 5 Quick Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

Most home owners install hardwood flooring because they know it will add aesthetic as well as financial value to their home. With this in mind, many people go crazy trying to keep their newly installed floors looking brand new. Unfortunately, this can lead to a stressed mind and a distressed floor. The solution? Keep it simple! The following are five quick tips you can’t afford to miss if you want to keep your hardwood flooring in tip-top shape.'

1. Clean spills immediately.
Uh-oh. Aunt Lucy just finished her third glass of red wine and is refilling her glass when – CRASH! She spills, she cries, and red wine runs all over your new oak flooring. But Auntie’s tears won’t clean up that spill. You should, however, and as quickly as possible. The best way to avoid a nasty stain on your new flooring is to clean it up as quickly as you can. Use a soft, slightly dampened cloth and pat, don’t wipe.

2. Vacuum often.
Vacuuming is the best way to get rid of dirt, gravel, sand, and stones that can build up over time and cause major damage to your finished hardwood flooring. Use a vacuum with a soft-bristle brush and vacuum as often as you need to keep your floors free of debris.

3. Use the right cleaner.
Many people think that when it comes to washing or mopping hardwood flooring, any ol’ cleaning solution will do. This is not true. Many common floor soaps are oil-based and can dull or damage your floor’s finish. If you have to mop (and you should do so as infrequently as possible), use a water-based surface cleaner or whatever type the manufacturer recommends.

4. Wax on, wax off…your finish?
Polyurethane finishes don’t mix well with paste waxes. In fact, waxing a polyurethane-finished floor can create a sticky film that will attract dirt and debris. If you’re unsure what your floor’s finish is made of, contact the flooring manufacturer or installation company.

5. More cushion, less pushin’.
Big, heavy furnishings or appliances can wreak havoc on hardwood flooring. The best way to avoid this is to place small felt glides under heavy furnishings. This includes tables, chairs, sofas, pianos, cabinets, refrigerators, and much more. Putting glides under your furnishings may seem like a hassle, but it is much less of a hassle than getting your entire floor refinished.


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Tony Beebe said...

It's true that hardwood floors can add value to your home. And not to mention, cleaning them is much easier compared to most flooring. That makes it very convenient for most homeowners.