Friday, August 5, 2011

Exotic Purpleheart Flooring Will Leave You Breathless

It's not often a new flooring product comes along that takes our breath away. The new line of Purpleheart hardwood flooring we recently received, however, is just that kind of product.
Purpleheart is world-renowned for being one of - if not the - most exotic-looking species of wood flooring available. The wood gets its unique color when its freshly cut heartwood is exposed to air, rapidly turning from a rich brown to a deep purple. Over time, prolonged exposure to light will cause the color to deepen even more until it has reached an incredibly rich, dark purple-brown shade. Purpleheart is also a very stable and durable wood, so you can forget having to replace boards year after year.

Most online flooring stores have Purpleheart hardwood flooring priced at $6 - $7/SF. At Fantastic Floor, we're offering our beautiful Purpleheart flooring line for the amazing price of only $4.20/SF. That's 40% off the average retail price!

Visit for more information on Purpleheart hardwood flooring, or give us a call at 1-888-448-9663.

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