Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Give To Us Your Leather, Take From Us Our Lace...

..wood flooring, that is!

Hi everyone! Thirteen-time Grammy award nominee Stevie Nicks here, and I'm here to talk to you about an amazing hardwood flooring product just in at Fantastic-Floor.com: Lacewood.

lacewood hardwood flooring

Many people know me as much for my personal fashion style as they do my prolific music career. I've always chosen sheer, silky, flowing garments to accent my spiritual and ethereal approach to music. One of my favorite clothing materials, naturally, is lace. That's why when I heard Fantastic Floor was featuring delicate, visually-striking Lacewood hardwood flooring, I couldn't wait to talk about it.

Like me, Lacewood is attractive, versatile, and unique. The wood's conspicuous flecking is what gives it its name. The intricate flecking patterns create an eye-catching, delicate appearance that you will just love. It can be used to complement a simple, bare room decor, or be integrated into a complex, wild design scheme. The possibilities are endless.

If you have questions about Lacewood hardwood flooring, call me personally at 1-800-STE-V-NIX. If someone other than me answers, hang up immediately and call the good folks over at Fantastic Floor at 888-448-9663. You can also view all their beautiful Lacewood products at www.Fantastic-Floor.com.

This playful fictionalization of Stevie Nicks is in no way intended to be an accurate representation of the artist's feelings about Lacewood hardwood flooring or Fantastic-Floor.com. We heart you, Stevie.

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