Monday, July 30, 2012

FAQ: When Should Hardwood Floors Be Installed?

Installing hardwood flooring can be a complicated, time-consuming process. Installing hardwood flooring at the wrong time can make this tricky project even harder. Many DIYers and building contractors rush the flooring installation process, not realizing that their haste and impatience can cause major problems in the future.

installing hardwood floors

So just when is the right time to install hardwood flooring? Glad you asked.

Home construction can be a messy, dangerous process. In order to ensure that your new hardwood floors aren't damaged by work crews, tools, or building materials, plan your hardwood flooring installation for after all other construction and installation projects are finished. Foot traffic should also be kept to a minimum during and after installation. If you can't plan the installation for last, protect the newly installed wood with a heavy-duty cover. Make sure you place the cover over the entire floor, however; many woods are sensitive to light and will experience color change if exposed, creating an unpleasant spotting effect.

Hardwood flooring installation can be adversely affected by the seasons, too. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of dramatic changes in temperature and humidity, it's a good idea to install your floors during a dry, warm time of year. Hardwood needs to be acclimated to its environment, and the acclimation process can sometimes take weeks. If you try to acclimate your new flooring during a change in season, the wood will have a harder time adjusting to its new environment. This can cause problems for you down the road.

Don't forget to read our helpful Hardwood Flooring Installation Guide to learn more tips and tricks for installing your beautiful new floors. Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-888-448-9663. We'd love to hear from you!

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