Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fantastic Floor August Sale!

This summer has been a real scorcher, but the upcoming August heat will be nothing compared to the smokin' deals we have on three of our most popular hardwood flooring species this month! If you're on the prowl for a new Brazilian Cherry, Cumaru, or Tigerwood hardwood floor, look no further! We've got all three on sale throughout August. Check 'em out!

Brazilian Cherry

brazilian cherry hardwood flooring

Also known as Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry is the most popular exotic hardwood flooring in the United States. It's popularity is due to its beautiful appearance and incredible durability. The Fantastic Floor August Sale price is only $5.99/SF!


cumaru hardwood flooring

This tough, dense exotic hardwood flooring material features medium brown shades and a tight grain pattern. It is also an incredibly dense species, making it naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and wood-boring insects. The Fantastic Floor August Sale price is only $5.99/SF!


tigerwood hardwood flooring

One of the most distinctive species of hardwood flooring available, Tigerwood features dark browns and reds and thick black striping. The density and hardness of Tigerwood floors make them naturally resistant to everyday wear and tear. The Fantastic Floor August sale price is only $5.99/SF!

The Fantastic Floor August Sale is for a limited time only, so call us today at 1-888-448-9663!

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