Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Acacia Flooring - The Modern Choice for a Rustic Look

Contradictory, you say, the modern/rustic coupling? Pish-tosh; true tastemakers break all the rules, and that's what we do here at FF every day when it comes to tracking down new, gorgeous looks for homes, offices, palaces, lairs, and what-have-you. Acacia flooring has become incredibly popular as a dynamic rustic floor, both in smooth and handscraped varieties. There are a million things to like about this wood, which is why keeping it in stock is always a bit of a challenge, so here are just a few: First of all, it's got striking coloring, ranging from rich, dark browns to light russets, all intermingled in dramatic streaks and radiating waves. Take a look:

Our Acacia hardwood flooring is also available in a variety of stains. The bronze blend stain amps up the golden browns and yellows of the wood, while the fruitwood stain tones it down to a rich red-brown.

Oh, and did we mention Acacia was the wood they used for the Ark of the Covenant? Just thought we'd throw that in there. That's right: Who else can name drop GOD when it comes to how awesome their products are? Count it.

This is a wood that is very well worth checking out, not only because of its dramatic beauty and rustic good looks, but also for the affordable price, starting at just $4.99/sf!

Prices like that are why being an e-tailer is nice: You don't have to feel bad about people getting violent outside your locked store front right before a big sale. So play nice out there in cyberspace, but do what you have to to come see our Acacia! We've got samples available for order, too!