Thursday, May 23, 2013

Benefits of End-Matched Hardwood Flooring

If you're researching hardwood flooring you've probably come across the term "end-matched hardwood flooring" in your search for the perfect floor. End-matching is standard on most flooring shorter than eight feet as well as strip or narrow-width flooring. But what is end-matching, exactly? Glad you asked. The following is a brief explanation of end-matching, as well as some of the benefits of choosing end-matched hardwood flooring. Enjoy!

What is end-matched hardwood flooring?
End-matched is a term that describes the process of double-end trimming a plank of wood and, through a special process, precision milling a tongue-and-groove on the plank ends. It is an industry standard for boards under eight feet in length. There are a number of benefits to end-matched hardwood floors, such as:

1. Cuts down on installation time.
End-matching eliminates the need to cut each plank end during installation. Instead, the plank ends fit together nicely in their pre-cut tongue-and-grooves, saving a lot of time on the installation process.

2. Cuts down on labor costs.
When you're having new hardwood flooring installed, time is money. Since end-matched hardwood floors take less time to install than planks that have not been end-matched, you save both time and money.

3. Allows for a more consistent appearance.
The tongue-and-groove edges of end-matched hardwood floors allow the boards to fit together very snugly. This, combined with micro-bevel edges, makes the floor appear flatter and gives it a more consistent color and grain appearance.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Luxury Laminate Flooring Sale - Take 50% Off!

Laminate flooring has gained popularity amongst homeowners over the past ten years or so, and for good reason. It's beautiful, durable, and it's one of the least expensive flooring products you can find. Here at The Fantastic Floor, we pride ourselves in the many high-quality luxury laminates we carry, and for a limited time we've got some of our best-sellers on sale for up to 50% off!

Here are just a few of the gorgeous and long-lasting luxury laminates we have on sale:

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Fantastic Floor Presents: Bloodwood

Welcome to this month's Fantastic Floor Presents, where we direct our spotlight on the finest hardwoods in the industry! Our last installment focused on the highly versatile Morado, a beautiful hardwood known for its use in everything from guitars to flooring. This month we turn our thoughts to another gorgeous and durable flooring product: Bloodwood!

Ranging from a subdued and grayish red to much darker reds, Bloodwood hardwood contains some of the deepest crimson tones in flooring. With these shades comes a luster that is sure to enhance any setting, as well as compliment to almost any fixture or piece of furniture in the room. To the touch, this South American hardwood is smooth as can be, but it's also one of the most durable. With a Janka hardness rating of 2,900, Bloodwood is nearly 140 percent stronger than Red Oak. This spectacular combination of beauty and invincibility makes it one of the best species of flooring to turn to when you're looking for a long-lasting, attractive new addition to your home.

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