Friday, August 31, 2012

What's So Great About White Oak, Anyway?

White oak flooring has been one of the most popular hardwood flooring varieties in the U.S. for years, and for good reason. It's beautiful, costs less than more exotic hardwood varieties, and is complementary to many different design schemes. But beyond its great value and looks, why is America so enamored with this specific variety of oak flooring? While we can't speak for everyone, the following are the 5 top reasons why we believe white oak flooring to be one of the best hardwood flooring options on the market today:

white oak hardwood flooring

Not only is white oak flooring a stunning shade of pale whites and warm light-browns, but its tight, intricate grain pattern adds depth and visual intrique as well. It is also a very versatile flooring option; the neutral tones match nearly any home design scheme you can imagine.

While not as durable as some exotic hardwood species, white oak flooring is still as tough as nails. With a density of 900 KG/m3 and a Janka hardness rating of 1,360 lbs, white oak can certainly stand up to a lot of everyday wear and tear.

Buckling, bending, and warping can be major problems for hardwood floor owners. Not so with white oak. This species of flooring experiences shrinking and expansion at a relatively even rate, meaning your floors are less susceptible to the warping and bending you see more commonly among other species.

The White Oak Natural products available at are green-certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means the white oak floors you're installing in your home come only from well-managed and regulated forests or other controlled sources.

White oak flooring from Fantastic Floor comes in a wide price range, but even the lowest priced products we carry are of extremely high-quality. We have many beautiful white oak varieties priced at under $3.00/SF, and have a steady line of high-quality sale items as well.

It should be clear by now that we think white oak is one of the best flooring materials you can find. What do you think of the species? What's your favorite hardwood flooring variety? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Want to learn more about white oak flooring? Call our knowledgeable sales team today at 888.448.9663. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hardwood Strength: Which Species Is Best? [INFOGRAPHIC]

When searching for a hardwood flooring material, there are many important factors to consider. One of these factors is the wood's strength. In hardwood flooring, strength is measured in psi, or, pounds per square inch. Also known as modulus of rupture (MOR), a wood's strength is a measure of its load-carrying capacity. In other words, it's the amount of weight a species can withstand before the board starts to bend or break. The following infographic shows the 10 strongest hardwood species you can find. Enjoy!

top ten strongest hardwood species

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fantastic Floor's Top 5 Luxury Laminates

More and more homeowners are choosing laminate flooring over traditional hardwood flooring, and for a lot of good reason. High-quality laminate flooring is attractive, durable, and costs a lot less than solid hardwood. Here at Fantastic Floor, we offer a large selection of beautiful laminate flooring products. But which are our favorites? Glad you asked! The following are five of our top luxury laminate flooring products. Enjoy!

Our horizontal bamboo laminate is a great option for homeowners looking for a sleek, modern flooring material with an excellent price point. The light brown tones and tight grain of bamboo laminate complement many different modern design schemes, while the material's durability is hard to beat.

Classic Maple
While the bright yellow-white tones of our Classic Maple laminate flooring brings out the charm of any room of the house, it works especially well in the kitchen, bathroom, or any room that requires a lot of natural light. Additionally, our Classic Maple laminate flooring has a Janka hardness rating of 2,000 lbs., making it one of the most durable non-hardwood flooring materials available.

Red Oak
Our Red Oak laminate flooring is a modern take on a traditional hardwood flooring option. For years, Red Oak has been the go-to hardwood species for American homeowners. Today, the amazing price point of laminate Red Oak flooring is allowing homeowners on a budget to get the same great look at a much smaller price.

Vintage Cherry
Vintage Cherry is one of the more exotic laminate flooring options we offer. With its dark striping, irregular grain pattern, and varying tones, Vintage Cherry is perfect for homeowners looking to add a dramatic and eye-catching element to their room decor.

Espresso Walnut
Dark and sultry, our Espresso Walnut laminate flooring adds an air of sophistication to any dining room, living room, library, or study. Its deep browns and wavy grain pattern are a great way to make a bold design statement without breaking the bank.

Questions? Call one of our knowledgeable flooring reps today to discuss the many ways laminate flooring can help you get the look and feel of traditional hardwood flooring while still staying within your budget.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fantastic Floor Presents: Birch

Welcome back to your favorite hardwood flooring spotlight series, Fantastic Floor Presents! This week we're taking a look at a consistently popular domestic flooring variety: Birch. Enjoy!

birch hardwood flooring

Birch hardwood flooring comes in a wide range of tones and colors, from light yellow to a deep reddish-brown. The texture is uniform and fine and the grain pattern is tight and straight. Birch is one of the more softer domestic hardwoods, but this softness allows it to be used in more complicated applications that require very specific cuts and shaping. In fact, birch is often used in cabinetry, paneling, and other more decorative forms of woodworking.

Birch hardwood flooring from Fantastic Floor comes in dozens of styles and colors, from the deep, dark brown of Birch Shadow to the bright, exotic red of Birch Mahogany. Our Birch flooring is available in prefinished, unfinished, and engineered varieties. Contact Fantastic Floor today at 1-888-448-9663 to learn more about this great hardwood flooring species.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fantastic Floor August Sale!

This summer has been a real scorcher, but the upcoming August heat will be nothing compared to the smokin' deals we have on three of our most popular hardwood flooring species this month! If you're on the prowl for a new Brazilian Cherry, Cumaru, or Tigerwood hardwood floor, look no further! We've got all three on sale throughout August. Check 'em out!

Brazilian Cherry

brazilian cherry hardwood flooring

Also known as Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry is the most popular exotic hardwood flooring in the United States. It's popularity is due to its beautiful appearance and incredible durability. The Fantastic Floor August Sale price is only $5.99/SF!


cumaru hardwood flooring

This tough, dense exotic hardwood flooring material features medium brown shades and a tight grain pattern. It is also an incredibly dense species, making it naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and wood-boring insects. The Fantastic Floor August Sale price is only $5.99/SF!


tigerwood hardwood flooring

One of the most distinctive species of hardwood flooring available, Tigerwood features dark browns and reds and thick black striping. The density and hardness of Tigerwood floors make them naturally resistant to everyday wear and tear. The Fantastic Floor August sale price is only $5.99/SF!

The Fantastic Floor August Sale is for a limited time only, so call us today at 1-888-448-9663!