Monday, July 25, 2011

I Heart Pine! (Reclaimed Floors, That Is)

Fantastic Floor is excited to announce the addition of Authentic Pine brand reclaimed Heart Pine flooring to our extensive hardwood flooring line.

Also known as Yellow Pine, American Pitch Pine, and Antique Pine, this rare, highly sought after wood has a gorgeous orange-brown complexion, a tight, vertical grain, and hints of soft yellow tones. It also has a rich historical background, serving as a prominent building material for construction in the U.S. during the Industrial Revolution.

Due to its scarcity, we use Heart Pine that has been reclaimed from older sources. This not only encourages the preservation of the species, it also adds an element of history and character to your new floor. Who knows what amazing uses your flooring had before it made its way to your home? The possibilities are endless!

Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring

For more information on reclaimed Heart Pine, call us today at 888-448-9663, or visit us online at

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions: Can I Install Hardwood Flooring in the Basement?

No. It is highly recommended that you do not install solid hardwood flooring below grade - that is, below the ground floor of a building. Solid hardwood is very sensitive to changes in moisture and temperature, and most basement environments are not adequately controlled to minimize the damages these changes can cause.

That isn't to say that you can't have wood flooring in your basement. It is possible to install engineered or laminate flooring in these situations. Both of these products work well as basement flooring options, and Fantastic Floor is your premiere supplier of both! Visit us at for more information.

While solid hardwood flooring can't be installed in a basement, engineered varieties such as this Bacana Chestnut engineered flooring make a beautiful alternative.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fantastic Floor Incentives: Rewarding Our Wholesale Customers

We love our wholesale customers. We get excited just thinking about all the great projects our hardwood flooring materials could be used in. To show our appreciation for your business, Fantastic Floor offers a wide range of products at discounted prices. But our appreciation doesn’t stop there! We also feature incentive programs that continue to reward your buying loyalty. Here are just a few:

wholesale incentive program

Referral Incentives:
Sometimes customers want to be in control. They want to choose and buy their hardwood flooring themselves. That’s understandable. Here at Fantastic Floor, we want to reward you for referring your customers to our site. Here’s how we do that:
As a member of our wholesale program, you’ll be assigned a special referral code that is unique to you. When your customers order materials at our retail list price we will cut you a check for 3% of the gross sale. You heard right – we pay you for your referral! Your customer simply needs to write your unique referral code in the designated box when placing their order and we’ll send you a check. It’s that simple!

Rebate Incentives
Fantastic Floor issues rebate checks to our wholesale customers based on their quarterly sales volumes. Once certain sales benchmarks are reached, we’ll cut you a rebate check. That’s extra money in your pocket just for buying from us. Call 888-448-9663 for more information.

Installers & Contractor Incentives
Not all of our incentives come in dollars and cents. One of the biggest perks of being a Fantastic Floor registered wholesale customer is our Installers & Contractors Referral program. When customers ask us for contractor or installer recommendations, the first ones we suggest are our registered wholesale customers. We want your business to succeed, and we’ll do everything we can to connect our customers with your installation expertise.

For more information on our wholesale customer incentive programs, or to sign up, visit You can also call us at 888-448-9663 – we’ll be happy to create an account for you.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions: What Is the Most Durable Hardwood Floor Available?

There are two main factors that come into play when discussing the durability of hardwood flooring. The first is finish. A factory prefinished floor will certainly be more durable than an unfinished floor, but there are many high-quality finishes you can apply onsite that will help protect the wood for years.

The real indication of durability is the wood's hardness. Wood species are given a Janka Hardness rating based on their resistance to indentation. The harder the floor, the more resistant it will be to scrapes, dents, and everyday wear-and-tear.

The top five hardest wood species are:
  • Patagonian Rosewood
  • Kurupayra
  • Lapacho
  • Ipe
  • Tiete Rosewood

Tiete Rosewood hardwood flooring (above) is one of the hardest flooring materials you can buy.

The five wood species with the lowest Janka hardness ratings are:
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Douglas Fir
  • Exotic Hickory
  • Cherry
  • Walnut

Don't get us wrong - even the softest of hardwoods will still make a beautiful, durable floor. In fact, two of the most common and trusted hardwood flooring materials - Oak flooring and Birch flooring - also have two of the lowest Janka hardness ratings. Ipe is one of the hardest flooring materials and is certainly durable, but red or white oak flooring is a great option as well.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fantastic Floor Ipe: As Seen On TV

We know you're excited. We sure are.

As dedicated followers well know, Fantastic Floor's Ipe hardwood flooring was recently used in the filming of one of DIY Network's new hit shows, Bath Crashers. In it, host Matt Muenster helps homeowners turn their dank and drab bathrooms into funky, functional living spaces. Well, the director called a wrap and the episode, appropriately titled "The Ultimate Crash", is waiting to be aired. Here's the schedule:

Saturday, July 2nd, 2 PM, HGTV
Sunday, July 3rd, 8 PM, DIY Network

Don't miss it!

Ipe hardwood flooring
Don't miss Fantastic Floor's Ipe hardwood flooring on the DIY Network's hit new show, Bath Crashers!