Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brazilian Cherry Floors - Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Brazilian Cherry Flooring Aged to Perfection? Homeowners Find Aged Brazilian Cherry Floors

Even More Beautiful Years After Installation.

Brazilian Cherry Flooring, like many other exotic flooring species from South America, is known to be photosensitive and to darken with age. Many consumers find the prospect of a floor changing color somewhat disconcerting. Often, homeowners are attempting to incorporate the coloring of their Brazilian Cherry Floors into the overall color scheme of their home, so the prospect of a shift in pigment makes them uneasy.

However, unlike many other hardwoods, Brazilian Cherry resists damage during these years of service when it is darkening, so it does not show damage like some other less photosensitive but also less hard woods, such as Maple or Oak. Additionally, Brazilian Cherry ages to a darker, richer red-brown after installation, which has its own unique beauty to lend to any color scheme.

For the particular homeowner, it would probably be wise to consider color coordinating their home with tones that are present in aged Brazilian Cherry rather than the immediate colors they see on fresh samples. This way, the color scheme's continuity will be much more consistent over a longer period of time. Or, should the homeowner prefer a more perennial approach, decorum could be shifted along with the shifting tones of the Brazilian Cherry flooring itself.

Apart from photosensitivity, Brazilian Cherry is a particularly stable exotic hardwood flooring specie. Movement (expansion and contraction) in service is minimal in comparison to other more dimensionally dynamic species. As a result, homeowners don't have to worry about Brazilian Cherry cupping, gapping, or bowing.

Photosensitivity need not be the terror that some perceive it to be. Brazilian Cherry will not suddenly turn chartreuse all of the sudden, it simply requires a bit of foresight with regard to color coordinating with the tones it will eventually achieve.