Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fantastic Floor Presents: Old Grey White Oak

Welcome back to Fantastic Floor Presents! Last month we featured the versatile and classic Southern Yellow Pine. This month we are taking a look at a hardwood color that is becoming quite a trend in both the worlds of residential and commercial flooring: grey! 

Grey hardwood flooring is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after flooring products on the market. It used to be confined to the bathroom or the kitchen, where a cleaner and more sterile look was desired, but now it’s becoming more popular in every room of the house. One of the main reasons behind grey hardwood’s popularity is its neutral tone. This allows it to be mixed with several different colors, as well as the other neutrals of black and white. It also acts as a nice neutral canvas on which designers or homeowners can add bright pops of color, such as a rug or a sofa. Grey hardwood is also quite versatile. It can run the range from modern and chic:

to rustic and homey:

One of the most popular grey hardwood flooring options available at The Fantastic Floor is Old Grey White Oak. This flooring variety is a very versatile hardwood and a standard in homes across the country. Its pale white tones give off a crisp, clean vibe that brings with it a feeling of age and tradition that is popular with hardwood floors. White Oak also stands up well to every day wear-and-tear, making it a smart long-term flooring option.

Need help picking the perfect grey hardwood flooring option for your home or office? Call The Fantastic Floor today at 1-888-448-9663 to talk with one of our genius flooring representatives. We can't wait to help you pick the perfect floor!

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