Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top 5 Hardwood Flooring Accessories

When installing hardwood flooring in your home, the star of the show is obviously the raw material. You chose that specific hardwood because of its appearance, its durability, and the way it complements your home's existing design scheme. But even the best hardwood flooring needs a little help living up t its full potential. The following are some of the most important hardwood flooring accessories you'll need if you want your floors to really shine.

Hardwood Moldings
Remember these? They fill in the expansion gap between floors and wall, and can create smooth transitions between floors of different heights or thicknesses.

Don’t want to hear the “click clack” of people walking on the floor above you? Underlayment minimizes sound between floors, and is so versatile it can be used with glue-down, nail-down, or floating hardwood floors.

Stair Treads
If you’re laying down hardwood stairs, you need the appropriate treads – the horizontal portion of the step that you step on. Without them, walking up and down stairs would be just plain awkward.

You need some kind of binder, such as nails or adhesives, to attach your hardwood securely to the subfloor below. Different types of hardwoods only work with certain types of subfloors and fasteners, so choose carefully.

Don’t worry, this is a good kind of stain. It’s the ultimate finisher for your floor once it’s all fastened and in place. Stains can be used to change the floor’s color or bring out the wood's existing color and grain patterns.

No star would be what they are without a support team. With the help of these accessories, your hardwood floor can achieve true star quality.

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