Friday, January 9, 2009

CRAZY Week!! Holiday is OVER!

You know that old saying "be careful what you wish for"? So very true! I've envisioned this dream of a successful business on a national level for so long and now that it is a reality--- HOLD ON! It's all good though-- Actually GREAT! The new web site is really taking off! It's just Friday and I'm exhausted... reminds me of another saying "Thank GOD it's Friday"!!

Accomplished a lot this week! FINALLY got the copy written for the wholesale trade discount program. I'm really excited about this. We offer GREAT discounts that really will help the little guy who owns a small show room, or the installer who has to travel a distance to get to his closest distributor. We've come up with incentive programs too that will help and drive business back to the customer! I really see this program taking off a win / win situation for everyone.

We also put the new laminate line of products on the site. This is a great alternative to hardwood floors and a great price point!

Site continues get over 100 hits a day! Really excited about the prospect! ONLY IN AMERICA!

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