Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prefinished Ipe Floors Are a Popular Choice

In recent years the North American market has seen an increase in exotic imported flooring. As opposed to traditional domestic species such as oak and maple, home owners prefer imported woods because they are much harder and offer a more diverse grain and color pallet.

In the flooring industry, no other wood beats Brazilian walnut flooring in terms of outright hardness. With an unmatched 3680 Janka rating, Brazilian walnut, also known as Ipe, is famous for its durability. The perfect high traffic floor. In fact it has a long history of use in the industrial world as the ideal product for railway ties and heavy truck bedding for just this reason. Most daily traffic would have a hard time leaving a scratch on this floor, making it the perfect choice for homes with large dogs or rough kids. Whether you choose Ipe prefinished floors or Ipe unfinished flooring you cannot go wrong.

Its dark brown, chocolate color is breathtaking and is certain to provide any ambience with a wonderful warm, rich feeling. Ipe offers a wide range of tones, combining dark reds, yellowish tans, browns, and nearly black hues. Like most hardwoods, Ipe will darken over time to a smooth medium to dark brown color. Graining varies greatly, adding a dash of character to your floors. All of these characteristics combined have made Ipe flooring one of the top selling imported species for flooring in North America.

This species of prefinished hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for the DIY homeowner with kids and dogs. The aluminum oxide factory finish makes this incredibly durable species even more indestructible. Ipe hardwood even has a Class A fire rating, it occupies the same class of fire-retardant materials as steel. For durability, safety, and beauty, Ipe prefinished floors make an excellent choice.

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