Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tarara Amarilla
The floor that says “WOW”

Unusual, Beautiful, Striking and NOT the floor that your neighbor will have! That is the beautiful Tarara Amarilla also known as Canary Wood.

This extraordinary species is colorful, exotic and definitely makes the statement – WOW! Found in the forests of Brazil and Bolivia this wood is not your typical brown or red. With colors that are different from most woods this specie offers bright yellows and oranges with long distinctive streaks of purple, red and black. Its grain is irregular and interlocked, and has a lustrous surface with a medium and uniform texture.

Without a doubt this affluent species of hardwood flooring proclaims vibrancy and richness. Canary wood needs no stains or distressing to make it stand out in a crowd, it is perfect as a natural prefinished floor. Solid prefinished flooring is ideal because it is easy to install AND can refinished several times to last generations.

Canary wood, like most of its exotic cousins is also extremely durable, making it a perfect solid hardwood floor for the active household. Stand out, be different, be BOLD… ChooseTarara Amarilla for your hardwood floor!


Anonymous said...

What a very nice and amazing wood floor pictures. I hope that you will post more and thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

I found this hardwood floor at Floors USA. As soon as I saw it, there was nothing that could compare. It's gorgeous.

laurie payne said...

Hello, my son is laying a floor of Canary and sent me three photos and it certainly looks like a beautiful wood but what a pathetic cup! Buy yourself a classy pottery mug to grace it and lets hope it doesn't become so popular that we will strip the forests of Brazil as we have with ebony, rosewood, Aussie tulip wood ( another Wow wood).Thank you for the information etc. Thailand is planting masses of teak all over he north. Teak doesnt have the visual action but is oily, rot and water resistant and one of the best carving woods on the planet.Laurie Payne